Tap Project -

Do you want to spend more quality time with your loved ones this weekend?

Do you want to make a difference in someone's life this weekend?

Are you feeling tired of always being connected?

Then we have a solution for you!  Join me this weekend and take the Tap Challenge! UNICEF is challenging all smart phone users to unplug for 10 minutes (or more) to make a difference.

Tap ProjectFor every 10 minutes that you don't touch your phone Giorgio Armani will donate to help provide one day’s worth of clean water for a child in need.

  Congo Coffee You all know how much I like challenges and this one seems like it couldn't get any better BUT... IT CAN!  We are going to up the ante and make it a double dog Bought Beautifully type of challenge by giving away a bag of Equal Exchange Congo Coffee to the reader who spends the most not using their phone this weekend.

To take the challenge :

  1. Visit http://tap.unicefusa.org on your PHONE

  2. Hit begin to see how long you can go without using your smart phone.

  3. Take a screen shot of your phone when you finish

  4. Like our our Facebook page and on Monday post on it, saying how many minutes you did not use your phone.  The contest will close Monday night. We will send the winner this amazing bag of coffee!

This weekend, let's unplug and write memories instead of texts and make a difference instead of phone calls!

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