Thankful Tables...all around!

Thankful Tables...all around!
We are kicking off our Thankful Table series today with a loop of inspiring posts! Read below to see how we are cultivating a Thankful Table and then head over to meet  Teresa, Amy and Molly and be inspired by their Beautiful and Thankful Tables.

A Connected Table

Tis' the season:

To gather with friends and family,

To celebrate all we have to be thankful for,

To break bread in community.

Ethical Tablescape This year, as we take part in these common yet wonderful traditions, our family is striving to bring a new perspective to the table. We are working to better understand, acknowledge, and celebrate our connection to others around the world. Ethical table settings As we say grace, we are praying with a new perspective. Not just for our friends and family, but for people we may never meet - our brothers and sisters around the globe.

They are makers, growers, artists - each a real person giving a real story to every product.

We are connected to them, not only by the God who created us, but also by a global economy. With dignified employment through ministries around the world, their creative hearts and hands are able to provide an array of products to bless our tables AND homes- from clothing and food, to toys, jewelry, home goods and more.

We want to welcome these makers not only into our lives but into our hearts.

We want to celebrate, acknowledge and be thankful for them as our Thanksgiving tables would not be nearly as beautiful, nor our lives as full without them. bb-40-1 So, this Thanksgiving we are:

Thanking God for the gifts that He has provided through the generous and talented hands of others.

We are thanking God for people like Helen, who works with Bought Beautifully's vendor partner Badala, to create beautiful products like the Kuni bowl pictured above. Helen from Badala Helen's work with Badala not only allows us to enjoy her beautiful products, but also allows her to work a dignified job that pays fair wages for her labors, giving her a fair opportunity to provide for her family, and rise out of poverty.

This Thanksgiving, we are raising our glasses and our thanks to Helen and all the artists, craftsmen and workers who make important contributions to our lives! <3 <3 <3

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