The Garage Sale Challenge Part 2

The Garage Sale Challenge is underway. I am so excited to share the next few posts and can't wait to hear from you! If you did the garage sale challenge SHARE your pictures and stories with us at or if you blog share on the linky tool below.  If you haven't done the challenge, it isn't too late to start! M friend Jeriann and I came across an amazing Estate Sale.  We both found some truly AWESOME finds.  My finds included thesee beautiful hanging baskets, a door mat, and some ski pants. hangingbasket I have been wanting to build window boxes to add some dimension and interest to the front of the house (as you can see, it needs it!) but these beauties were too good to pass up and we already had little hooks in the roof. So done and done. Garage Sale Hanging Basket Sticking with the flower pot theme Jer and I decided to have our almost 3 year olds paint and plant a few pots to deliver to a local Senior housing.  I wasn't sure how they would respond when I called to see if they would be interested BUT they were head over heals excited to have us come visit.

H painting

The kids had a ball painting pots.

H painting 2

3 kids heading in

The kids walking in. I am pretty sure H is thinking, "Ah, mom I can't believe you forgot to bring the cards for our new friends and the snacks for us!"

In hindsight, I wish we would have decorated more pots! I forgot to take a picture of the finished project but they turned out really sweet and the residents seemed to love them.

Sharing flowers with residents

It was hard to get good photos while managing the kids, breakable pots, and interacting with our new friends, but as you can see there were lots of smiles and I think everyone's day was brightened. The pots were definitely a nice touch but I think the kids were by far the biggest hit!

Sharing flower pots

Flower pot day

Fe's flower pot

The residents just loved seeing and flirting with the little ones and it was really special to see the two oldest interacting with the residents, saying things like, "What is your name?' and "Have a good day!"  It really was PRICELESS!

H being a little gentleman!

Jer and I both agreed that this was a super easy and quick to way to get our kids (and ourselves) out of our normal routine, engaged in our community, and interacting with a different demographic.  It was also really good reminder that it doesn't take much to brighten someone's day and that it is so worth doing.

Have you done the GARAGE SALE CHALLENGE yet? If so please share your story with us by email - or on our facebook page - or if you blog, link us up below!  If not, we would love you to Join us!!  You can read what it is all about here!!!

Have a great weekend!

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