What I Wore Wednesday - Jewelry Made in America

It is Wednesday again. No special guest feature today, just me...however, stay tuned for next week when we will be back with quite possibly the most precious model ever, my sweet little niece Elliott!!! Sticking with the current series today's focus is Made in America.  So here I am sporting a few made in America duds. Please excuse the extremely awkward "selfie", I really need to get my butt dressed before my husband leaves in the mornings, didn't make it this morning, so here we go - Jewelry Made in America My shirt is actually from Nordstroms, made by a company called H.I.P. I bought it a few years ago, I love it and have worn it a ton.  I wasn't able to find any other relevant information on the company, nothing on their policies or practices, or even if all their clothing is made in America.  This shirt was but I would double check their tags before assuming that all their products are. I want to highlight my two favorite parts of the outfit; the necklace and earrings.  They were both handmade by artists in the U.S.  I bought the earrings over two years ago, I knew they were handmade in America but I had to do a little searching to re-discover the artist behind them.  I am so glad I did, as I love these earrings, they are the lightest earrings in the world, they are so easy to wear, you forget you are wearing them.  They are made by a company called Willow Organic Jewelry, they don't have their own website and it looks like they sell to smaller boutiques and galleries but the link gives you an idea of their products and contact information if you are interested in finding a pair for yourself. Handmade Earings I also just bought this necklace from Marjorie Baer another amazing artist making great jewelry in America! Isn't it great? Unique yet classy and so versatile.
Made in America necklace Made in America necklace
I love supporting and encouraging artists of all forms and buying handmade jewelry happens to be one of my personal favorite ways to do this. Apparently, I am not alone!  There are several people who think that jewelry made in America rocks.  There are actually several sites with lists and links to tons of producers.  So rather than repeat the work they have already done, check out a few of these sites for more Made in America jewelry - 1. Ecolustre - This is the best place I found where you can find a variety of jewelry from different producers all made in America and all eco friendly. 2. Americans Working - This is a long list of companies making jewelry in the U.S.A (these are not all handmade). 3. Made in America Challenge - This website has several resources. This list includes jewelry and accessories made in the U.S.A. But don't stop here, keep scrolling for a comprehensive list of great companies making products in America.

There are so many great local artists making beautiful jewelry.

Do you have a favorite in your community?

If so, please share them with us in the comments below. I know we would all love to see and wear their work!

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