What She Wore Wednesday

It's Wednesday and time to share some Bought.Beautifully style! To expand our style horizons I convinced my little sister Britt to participate and share with us what she is wearing today.  And let me just say it looks good!  But the best part is that her outfit does good too! Sounds like the perfect way to start the day, looking good and doing good! Britt wearing Noonday necklace Britt's fabulous red necklace come's from NoonDay Collection. It was made in Uganda by a beautiful woman named Coral.  By supporting NoonDay Collection Britt is doing so much more than buying cute jewelry, she is helping to employ and empower women in Uganda and providing for Orphans is various ways, read more about all the NoonDay does here. In addition, Britt is also supporting a different kind of economy by shopping at thrift stores and garage sales. You may be asking how and why does garage saling and thrift store shopping glorify God (since that is what we are all about at Bought Beautifully).  Let me explain, by spending less money on buying new things Britt can put more money towards causes that are close to her heart supporting God's kingdom.  Shopping at thrift stores and garage sales also lessens your environmental impact by not using new resources to create a new product. So here is Britt making being a good steward look good! She found her cute oxford shoes at a local Thrift Store and her gorgeous vintage shirt at an estate sale! Which is too bad because I want one. But I guess that gives us  one more reason to go to Estate Sales - your outfits will be original! IMG_3062 Thanks so much for sharing your awesome style with us today, Britt! We L♥VED it! And thanks to Lindsey over at The Pleated Poppy for organizing the fun What I Wore Wednesdays!! Head over there to see more What I Wore Wednesdays.

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