What She Wore Wednesday - Made in America!

Want to know how you can do good while you look good? Read on.

It's Wednesday! I am just loving Wednesdays and getting to see and share so many fun unique styles that have positive impacts.  Doesn't it feel great knowing that we can look good and do good all at the same time? Today's gorgeous guest feature comes from The Big Apple, so get ready for a little New York City style.  Natalie, my little sister, is giving us the perfect example of looking good and doing good at the same time.

Natalie in Noonday

Natalie's stand out clutch and necklace come from Noonday Collection.  These accessories do more than just accent her outfit, they contribute to the world in positive ways. In addition to providing jobs that create a path out of poverty for families in other countries, Noonday also helps USA families raise money for adoptions by giving 10% of hosted trunk shows and they give towards orphan care and prevention.  Noonday doesn't stop there, they make shopping on their site fun and informative by telling you about who, where, and how your products were made.  Read below to find out about where Natalie's funky clutch was made.
Noonday Collection Accessories
Noonday Collection Accessories by happy-iii featuring patchwork handbags
We know that accessories can make an outfit...but you have to have an outfit to make.

We also love Natalie's outfit because her clothes  were Made in America.  

What makes clothes that are Made in America so great? Well, there are several reasons, which we will be elaborating on in detail in a future post, so stay tuned for the details. But here are 3 quick reasons to shop Made in America.  Even though the United States is far from perfect, the U.S.A does a fairly good job of creating environmental and social standards and regulations and monitoring those standards. Which means that, in general, when you buy clothing made in America you know that the workers received a fair wage and worked in safe working conditions, that certain environmental standards were met (typically higher standards than  developing nations), and that you are supporting local and national jobs.

3 Reasons to Buy clothing made in the U.S.A

    1 - Fair Working conditions and wages

    2 - Company's comply with environmental standards

    3 - Supporting local and national economy

Natalie in Noonday and Made in America
Natalie's dress (by AQUA available at Bloomingdale's) jacket (by Go Make Noise) and underwear, YES her underwear, (by Hanky Panky) were all MADE IN AMERICA. Way to Go, Natalic, thanks for sharing your style and your impact with us! We appreciate it. - xoxo
Do you have any favorite brands or products that were made in America? If so, please share them with us in the comment section.

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