What They Wore Wednesday

It is Wednesday again. I am having a harder time writing this post  today and not because my subjects aren't adorable, wonderful, and precious THEY ARE! Just look at them!  It's not because I am not excited about the subject matter, I am, two sisters sharing the love, not many things make me this excited!

But when people close to me are experiencing stress, pain, and loss, it feels hard and superficial to be writing about things.

Haz & Ruby

 However these two little munchkins are a good reminder of what is all about.

We were in Colorado Springs last weekend during, according to CNN, the most destructive fire in Colorado's history.  We had family who were evacuated from their homes.  I kept thinking about the tornados that ripped through Oklahoma earlier in the summer and how much loss and destruction there was for so many people.  Then I woke up this morning to see that my home town, Prescott, is burning up. KNXV Doce fire KNXV Doce fire Phew that is a lot of hard stuff. People have lost lives, homes and memories as a result of all of these occurrences.

As I mourn for them and pray for them, it causes me to reflect on life and remember that our stuff is just temporary and should be secondary to people and relationships.

Haz & Ruby 2 However, I am encouraged that my stuff can be more than just stuff because of how and who I purchase things from and that these purchases can have real tangible impacts on people. That motivates me to write Bought.Beautifully and to share about organizations that understand and apply the principal that PEOPLE MATTER MOST, and that by making their products they are providing livelihoods, hope and opportunities for people. But I also want to always remember that stuff is just stuff and that maybe less can be more.  That we don't always need new things; it is the people behind the things that matter most. So, today our sweet little Hazel Mae and her adorable sister Ruby are wearing hand-me-downs. Clothes that have been passed on from cousin to cousin and sister to sister.  Along with the passing of clothes comes the sharing of memories and love AND that is what life is really all about.

Hazel so clearly proves that her clothes don't have to be new to make her happy!


And this precious gem, rockin' her big sister's clothes and clearly loving every minute of it!


So your Bought.Beautifully encouragement and challenge for the day is to share some of your love by sharing some of your things and sharing a bit of your life with someone.

Look around and see if there is something in your house that you no longer use or need and see if someone comes to mind who just might love using it. Give hand-me-downs a try! They are a great way to lessen your environmental impact on the world, no new materials being used here (expect for laundry) and they are a great way to connect your life to someone else's whether it is a sister, cousin, friend, or total stranger. A special thanks to Jessica, Hazel, and Ruby for sharing the photos and hand-me-down inspiration!

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