What They Wore Wednesday - Friends Forever

Wednesday! It is Wednesday, which means I get to share yet another awesome post about a great product/organization, and share about some amazing women!

Fab 5

Today, I would like you to meet my mother (quiet possibly the best woman to ever live) and her besties (Andrea, Terri, Cathee, and Marilyn)!  These ladies are the prime example of true BFF's.  They, a.k.a  The Fab 5, have known each other since JUNIOR HIGH!  They have stuck by each other and loved each other through thick and thin, first loves and hates, good times and bad times, marriages and babies, and now grand babies!

Fab 5

They are committed to maintaining and prioritizing their friendship, so despite the distance between them and their busy lives, they promised to get together annually.  For the past 18 years they have met for a weekend for what they affectionately call the "Hormonic Convergence".   This year their "Convergence" happened to coincide with their 40 year high school reunion. Noonday Collection bracelet In honor of this special occurrence, my mom wanted to get her girls all a little gift.

She didn't want just anything but something that had meaning and represented their friendship.

When she saw this bracelet on Noonday she knew it was perfect; it was super stylish yet versatile enough for their 5 distinct fashion tastes. But the best part of the bracelet was how it was made, who it was made by and the fact that by purchasing these bracelets she was helping empower women and supporting a great business!  Read below for the story of the bracelet - Great choice mama! Writing about the Fab 5 has been a good reminder for me that I need to keep up my special friendships like these.

Do you have a dear friend that you have known forever?

Want to join me today in prioritizing these relationships?  Let's show our long time friends how much we love them with a call, a text, an email, or anything  that lets them know how special they are to us!

Thanks, mom, for the reminder of how precious good friends truly are! Happy Wednesday! Don't forget to check out all the other what I wore Wednesdays over at the PleatedPoppy.

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