What’s with eggs at Easter?!

Hand-carved olive wood eggs add a bit of symbolism and reverence to a secular Easter tradition.
What's with eggs at Easter?!

If you’re looking to add a bit of symbolism and reverence to your Easter remembrance this year try a new take on eggs with handcarved Easter Eggs...

If you’ve got kids at the house (or curious friends that are kids at heart) I’m sure you've fielded a few questions about why we see so many eggs around for Easter.  Strange, right?  Comedian Jim Gaffigan has a great little skit on holidays in general, Easter included right here. “Now Easter, there’s a weird tradition… Easter – the day Jesus rose from the dead, what should we do? HOW ‘BOUT EGGS! Well what does that have to do with Jesus? ALRIGHT, WE’LL HIDE’EM. I don’t follow your logic… DON’T WORRY – THERE’S A BUNNY!”

For anyone who wants to be well-equipped to more accurately explain historical context and the symbolism of Easter eggs to kids, family, or those curious friends, check out Wikipedia's entry right here.  Funny, the entry even makes mention of hand-carved wooden eggs…wonder how that got there? :)

As you look ahead to Easter celebrations, if you’re looking to add a bit of symbolism and reverence to your Easter this year, give our handcarved olive wood eggs a try.

These are handmade by our artisan partners with Holy Land Designs, an organization focused on loving, empowering, and employing deaf, disabled, and disadvantaged individuals in their community of Amman, Jordan. Hand painted Hand Carved eggs Located in the hills of the ancient Roman city of Philadelphia, their workshop currently trains and supports around 20 full-time artisans. These artisans express their creative talents through traditional mediums like stone, wood, and sand.  Holy Land Designs helps these middle-eastern families thrive in the culturally rich, yet often-harsh world of their surroundings. artisans who make hand carved Easter Eggs We have been thrilled to work with their team for more than 2 years now and hope to visit their workshop someday…until then, this video gives you an idea who, how, and where these beautiful pieces are created. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MSkcKu8gmv8 So...if you're looking for eggs - we've got them, and can still ship them to you with plenty of time to decorate and enjoy - right here!

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