Meet Our Board of Directors

Bought Beautifully's Board of Directors is comprised of volunteers passionate about BB's mission with an active faith, a variety of skills and knowledge and real talent they use to strengthen our collective impact. 

Here's a bit more from each one describing how they view BB's mission and why they were drawn to join the BB team. 

Calli Aust (Board Member 2017-Current)

I believe so deeply in the mission of Bought Beautifully—to live out God’s call to love in all areas of our lives, including in our purchases. Some of my highest values are truth and justice and I believe that B.B. is living those aspects out in an amazing way and I’m honored to be a part of that. When I think about mine and others’ purchases supporting our brothers and sisters in Christ around the GLOBE I honestly can’t help but tear up. What an amazing thing we get to be a part of in coming alongside those who are also made in His likeness and showing we care about the injustice of their lives and situations. Exclaiming to our partners and their people we love and support them in their vision and call to live out His love in their own lives as well. I am passionate about justice and B.B. is stepping up in a big way.

Colin Betzler (Founding Board Member-Current)

God’s goodness to us reveals his desire for us to live selflessly and generously showing love to the world around us.  He has equipped all of us uniquely to help those around us and BB is a way for us to reach across the world to connect and positively impact others with purpose and love.  

Emily Betzler (Founding Board Member - Current)

Bought Beautifully provides an easy and convenient way for people to do something that they would do anyway (shop) but do it in a purposeful and impactful way that has positive tangible impacts now and into eternity.      

Cody Haar (Board Member 2015 - Current)

Cody Haar is married to Britni and they have two happy, curly-haired girls, Jordyn and Brooklyn.  They live at the base of the Big Horn Mountains in Sheridan, Wyoming with a goofy labradoodle named Sadie.  As a family they have a heart for missions and seeing people grow in their walk with Jesus. 

Cody was raised as a missionary kid, which has had a major impact on so many of his life decisions.  Upon graduating from a small high school in Dayton, Wyoming, he pursued his passion for music at Sheridan College.  He changed his major when he transitioned to the University of Wyoming and graduated with a BA in International Studies with a focus on cultural systems.  Cody then briefly worked for an international mission group that focused on distributing Bibles and humanitarian supplies to some of the world’s most challenging places.  Travelling with this group expanded his desire to pursue missions. 

With his mind set on continuing education in a practical sense, Cody worked for a year at a behavioral treatment facility for youth.  This gave him a basic understanding of mental health issues and treatment, something that has been very beneficial in his current work.

Cody is currently on staff as a pastor at Cornerstone Church in Sheridan, Wyoming.  He has a range of responsibilities; the most visible part is sharing the message approximately once a month. While pastoring was not his ambition, he strives to simply follow God as He leads. 

Additionally, Cody serves on the board for two mission groups and as an advisor to another mission group.  He also serves as the secretary/treasurer for a local pastors group that unites pastors across Sheridan County.  While this sounds like a lot, he still manages to pursue his passions of photography, woodworking, and coffee.

Erin Foote (Board Member 2018 - Current)

Renzy Reno (Board Member 2020 - Current)

Elizabeth Dearcorn (Board Member 2019 - Current) 

Alison Wigglesworth (Board Member 2016-Current) 

Past Board Members - thank you for all your hard work and continued engagement!

Tesha Osborn (Founding Board Member - 2017)

Why Bought Beautifully?
I was challenged to look at how my spending has impacts that I cannot physically see when I purchase something.  I wanted to see positive change in peoples lives through commerce and Bought Beautifully provides an opportunity for Christians to uses their money for good and also help our brothers and sisters in Christ.  BB is unique in that it has personal relationships with its vendors,  truly caring about the well being of each vendor and partners with them in multiple ways to encourage them and help them succeed.

Theresa Miller (Board Member 2016 - Current)

The ability for me to live out my faith in a broader capacity drew me to the heart and work of Bought Beautifully. The close connection Bought Beautifully has with hundreds of transforming stories around the world and the resolve to partner with ministries, organizations and individuals who are seeking God’s call to love, share Christ and provide relief for the vulnerable makes Bought Beautifully unique for me. It excites me to be a part of a work and heartbeat that extends across the globe, yet has the ability to impact my family and our community right here at home.

Ryan Koltiska (Board Member 2016 - 2017)

Luke 10:27 tells us to “love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength, and all your mind.  And, Love your neighbor as yourself.’ Basically, loving Jesus and following him means truly allowing him to be lord of all areas of your life.  Everything we do can impact the kingdom of God, and often we forget that in areas like our purchases. Bought Beautifully opens up the conversation about the impact our purchases can make, whether good or bad.  I think equally important as making purchases that benefit others and empowers the poor, is educating those who have the resources to understand that how they purchase items can change people’s lives.

Mark Thoney (Board Member 2014 - 2018)

Why Bought Beautifully?
BB works directly with the people they help by facilitating the sale of products made by these people, thus providing employment and economic improvement in their lives.  By encouraging a healthy, responsible and respectful transactional environment, a win-win situation is created whereby consumers can purchase unique and skillfully crafted products while workers secure additional paid employment and monetary gains that can be used to better their lives.  That's why I'm here...
to donate my skills to help others build a better life.   

Lindsey Schilleman (Board Member 2015-2016)

Why Bought Beautifully?
I love the BB concept because it connects products with real people, with real stories.  It puts a much higher value on an item when you see a face connected to it and how with your purchase, you have had a positive effect on the lives of others.

Alison Wigglesworth (Board Member 2016-Current) 

John Bruso (Founding Board Member - 2015)