Meet the Betzlers


This is us: adventuring, loving, big dreaming + believing, family of five and most-of-the-time masters of chaos.  We are passionate about living intentionally and fully, and believe that we do this best when we love others while advocating for their best and brightest future. 

Originally from Arizona (Emily) and Minnesota (Colin), we have called Sheridan, Wyoming home for nearly 15 years.   After nearly a decade spent bumping along the career tracks of teaching (Emily) and conservation (Colin), we got really excited about using our finances to support the types of change we wanted to see in the world....we looked around and thought more people might be just as thrilled as us to live with intention and help transform the lives of others with something as simple as a gift purchase.  

After many late night conversation and some deep breaths, Bought Beautifully came together as a non-profit with us and a few good friends serving on the first board of directors and tackling our mission of 

"inspiring interactions that enrich lives, restore hope, empower people and shine God's love"

Fast forward 6 years and we are so thankful for our BB community and the support they have shown us and our partners, creating 24,447 days of dignified work around the globe! 

Running Bought Beautifully continues to be one of our greatest privileges thus far in life. It is a true honor to represent the incredibly talented, beautiful, and wonderful organizations and people behind our products.  Similarly, we are humbled by our many faithful customers who return time and again to empower others with their purchases.  

Love and Peace,

Colin & Emily Signatures

Bonus: here's a throwback to our launch in 2014...the start of our journey of all things Bought Beautifully: