Our goal in providing these masks is to do our part to support health care workers, hospitals, our partners and flatten the curve and ultimately and most importantly KEEP ALL OUR LOVED ONES SAFE.


Are these N95 masks?

No, these are not N95 masks - these are not medical grade masks. Our maskes are made based research from the University of Cambridge, with a double layer of tightly woven cotton material, and one layer of non woven polypropylene material.  In addition, each reusable mask has an interior pocket for an addition filter can be used. These can be worn over N95 masks to prolong their effectiveness, given to patients or, or used in the event that the supply situation dire enough to warrant a “something is better than nothing” approach.


Do we need a filter?

Honestly, we do not know. Information is regularly changing on whether or not you need a filter and what the appropriate filter would be, we have included a pocket so that if you decide to use a filter you can.


Why aren't these made in America?

Bought Beautifully is committed to providing dignified job opportunities to our partners around the globe. This is one opportunity where we can continue to support vulnerable women in the Philippines.  Currently, the city of Manila is on complete lockdown, forcing many to lose their jobs and only sources of income - extremely for people already living in poverty.  This opportunity allows our partners to continue to work from home.  We are all about you making your own masks too - the more masks the better. The pattern we are using can be found here.


When will I receive my masks?

The first shipment of masks is expected to leave the Philippines on Friday April 10th. We will ship and hand deliver masks out the day they arrive.



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