Just Because Personalized Gift Box


Just Because Personalized Gift Box


*RELEASES AT THE BEGINNING OF EACH MONTH**Sometimes feelings are best expressed with...gifts! Personal thoughtful gifts that is!  Which is why we created the Just Because box - one of a kind gift boxes curated specifically for the recipient! 

Each box is jam packed with thoughtful, artisan made, impactful items - 

that are handpicked just for the recipient! With over $100 in value for only $55!

Each month we will release a limited quantity of the boxes - so don't hesitate to order!

Every box includes: chocolate, coffee or tea, and a handmade card with a personal note from YOU - plus additional personalized items. See photos for examples. 

*The photos show examples of what you may find - BUT EACH BOX WILL BE UNIQUE and curated specifically for the recipient!

Please answer the following questions in the note section of your order to help us create the perfect gift:

1. Coffee or tea

2. Write the first three words that come to mind when you think of the recipient

3. Please pick the top category you would like most of your items to come from: Jewelry, Accessories, Clothing, Home Decor, Food and Gifts,

4. Which best describes the recipients style: Bold, colorful, statement pieces or simple, elegant, classic. 

5. Share anything else you would like us to know when curating your gift 

6.) Please tell us what would like your personal note to say!


Handmade with love.

Products will be delivered between 3 and 7.

We accept returns of unworn items within 30 days.

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