2014 - You made a difference

by Emily Betzler January 26, 2015

Hello dear friends! How are you? Sorry for the silence on our end.  We have enjoyed a season of quiet introspection after the fun, fabulous flurry of the last few months!!  It was a wild ride, and we are so humbled and honored by all that transpired in 2014.

Thank you for being a key part of this adventure!

Thank you for all your encouragement, support, likes, and shares.  We know that it isn't always easy to shop with purpose and conviction but..

Your efforts matter to the people behind your products.

And they.make.a.difference.


2014 Bought Beautifully Impacts


That's not all! Your purchases also contributed to clean water efforts in Africa, invested in a deaf community in Kenya, and supported women in Burundi.


From the bottom of our hearts:

Thank you!

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Emily Betzler
Emily Betzler


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