Amahoro Burundi

We are HONORED to introduce you to... Amahoro Burundi.

In Bujumbura Burundi, the love of Christ is spreading with the help of Amahoro Burundi!

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The artisans behind Amahoro Burundi know the meaning of tragedy and trial.

Hunger • Poor Health • Abuse

Degrees of brokenness vary among the women of Amahoro Burundi, but they are all learning to love, heal and forgive through "the eye of a needle".

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Amahoro provides employment, fellowship, and healing - a sisterhood of women who love and support each other.

Products from Amahoro Burundi are hand crafted, and the income from these products provides food and education for the families of these beautiful artisans.
"By purchasing products from Amahoro, you are not only giving these women an opportunity to grow spiritually, to feel a sense of independence as they support their families, but you are also bringing dignity to women who had never known what that really meant. You are giving them hope in a better future for themselves and their children."

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