Do you have the time?

Do you have the time?

I DO!!! AND I would love it if you asked me so I could show off my new watch from Sak Saum!  Isn’t it awesome?

Leather wrap watch from Sam Saum

I had been wanting a wrap watch for some time and had been eying these beauties but they were all expensive and didn’t align with our shopping values.

So I put my watch longings on hold…until I saw these on Sak Saum and fell in love and not just with the watch but with the fact that by purchasing one of these watches I was doing so much more than putting money is a large corporation's pocket. She's worth it, leather wrap watch from Sak Saum I am supporting an organization who is doing beautiful, life changing work, rehabilitating women and fighting against human trafficking.  Yessssssss! I love supporting that type of work!  Every time I look at my watch I smile and say a little prayer for the women who made it.  And my heart feels happy and if feels as if I get to be a part of something bigger than myself; something good and something special! Do you have a product from Sak Saum that makes you feel like this every time you wear it? We want to see it! So, take a picture of yourself or the item and upload it below so we can all share in the beauty! Just click on the blue link below, click here to enter, and upload your pic!!! If you don't have a blog you would like to share, when it asks for website, you can just enter this site.  I can't wait to see all the beauty that is out there!

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