Friday Favorites - Family, Freebies, and Dreams

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Family -

Last weekend I went home for my sister's bridal shower. I some times can't get over how lucky I am - I truly have the best family (on both sides and extended family)! It was so special to be home with my sisters, parents, and friends celebrating this exciting time.   View More: With my sisters all being in such different and busy seasons in our lives, not to mention different states, these moments together are truly precious.


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We made this adorable SPARKLE print to use during the shower. I had been wanting to make one for Storie's bedroom and the shower gave us a reason to do it! It is too cute not to share, so you can print your copy here, add a little Sparkle to it (glue and glitter, baby) and a little Sparkle to your life!

Dreams -View More:

One of the best parts about my family is my mom.  She is a special lady.  She spent the last 30 years of her life being a mom.  AND what a mom she was; kind, caring, SELFLESS, generous, humble, and FUN, (geesh is she fun - every time I am with her I am reminded that I need to laugh more).  She held nothing back,  was our biggest supporter, always there for us, giving her all to make our lives wonderful. As we got older and moved out of the house, my mom started having more time on her hands and pursuing her interests - I actually remember thinking WHAT?  Mom has her own interests, talents, skills that don't involve us?).  Well, she certainly does, and she was brave enough to try a few different things until she found the right fit. Last year she opened a business with one of her dear friends, One Hundred Chairs Vintage Rentals. If you need a little inspiration for a gathering you are having or live in AZ and would like to rent a few pieces check them out!   .
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 The pictures I have of the shower are just a snippet of what these two amazing women are capable of!

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Mom, it has been so inspiring watching you make your dreams a reality!!!

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What are you dreaming about ?

I'll share about one of my biggest dreams next week. Stay tuned.

Also, I want to say a special thanks to Carrie Zimmer Photography for capturing Natalie's special day and sharing the pictures in this post with us. You are so talented, Carrie.
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