Garage Sale Challenge - DIY Birthday Gifts

The Garage Sale Challenge is still going strong!  I just wanted to share a slightly different take on the challenge from this weekend.  A few of m friends' kids were celebrating Birthdays this weekend.  We definitely wanted to give a gift, but we also want to try to give something that aligned within our spending habits/beliefs. We decided that we would give "DIY homemade gifts" and then give a donation in each child's name. We started with the donation, as that was the easiest part. My favorite place to find a variety of gifts/donations is through World Vision. Their gift catalogue is really special and has so many different causes that you can contribute to; you really can find a gift/donation to meet every interest. World Vision Gift Catalog   I did a quick tour of the my friends' pinterest pages to see if they had pinned something we could make.  They have great taste so there were plenty of ideas to choose from!  During the past few weeks I had been on the look out for some finds that could be turned into presents.  I was really lucky find unused, in mint condition, really cute paper from Paper Source and a few old frames that could be cleaned up and painted.  So we put some ideas together and VOILA! Here is what we came up with - DIY Picture Board They are definitely "home made" and far from perfect, but my friends are moms and great women, so I am pretty sure they were ok with that. The best part was that they each cost about $5 to make which meant more for the donation! :) DIY Writing Frame

Join the garage sale challenge!!

Have you been shopping at garage sales or thrift stores?  Share with us. Share the your finds, the projects you have been working on, and how you are making an impact.  Email us with your stories and pictures at or upload them directly to our Facebook page -  We can't wait to hear what you have been doing. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!

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