Gratitude is the attitude

Gratitude is the attitude

Gratitude is the attitude that I want to have more and more and more of!

It seems like idea of increasing and showing thankfulness through journals and trees and posts and tweets has become really trendy in the last few years, which I think is great, because, honestly, I can't think of a better TREND. So, yes I am jumping on the Thankful bandwagon and sharing some of my ideas on how to add a little more gratitude to my days!. It is Thanksgiving season after all (even though my Pandora station may imply that I already think it is another season...falalalalalalalala) Anyway, a little more thankfulness, yes please, sign me up. Which is exactly what I did, I signed up for the Gratitude Challenge: 21DayChallengeI have no idea what the challenge will be like, but I figure anything and everything that encourages the attitude of gratitude is a good thing.  According to the website "the Gratitude Challenge will be geared to make us tune in to all the ways in which we constantly receive."  Oh, how I have been given so much and can sometimes be so oblivious to these many many gifts.  Getting in tune sounds like just what I need. What about you?

Want to join me? Click here to sign up.

Not up for a 21 day challenge? No worries, check out these super cute and free printables to add a touch of Thankfulness to your home: Blessing Card Thankful banner

Or this freebie from A Bird and A Bean printed several of these off at Walgreens and have given them with cards etc. and have a large one hanging on my fridge: givethanks

Here's to a great week and a season full of Gratitude!

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