Keeping the perspective

We just took a family vacation.  It almost wasn't a wonderful weekend away.  If hadn't just written the post about and made a commitment to keeping things in perspective, my expectations and feelings of entitlement could have ruined our precious family time. PerscpectiveIf I hadn't been actively praying and striving to keep a better bigger perspective....
  • the seven hour drive with two kids under four would have been more stressful;
  • the wet rainy weather combined with my poor packing choices would have put a damper on the weekend (well, I guess it did - We were rather damp! Rain coats? Not this family, we are on SUMMER vacation for goodness sakes!);
  • being stuck in a camper (13'x6') for most of the day with two kids under four would have been annoying and frustrating.

IMG_6631I enter into so much of my life with expectations and a skewed sense of entitlement (I deserve a vacation, with easy travel and well-behaved, calm, quiet kids, and of course, good weather!!) Expanding my perspective helped me see that this time was truly a beautiful gift, even in the rain and close quarters.

Spending a weekend away with my family; in camper with electricity and heat, that is bigger and more luxurious than what many families call home   = BLESSED IMMEASURABLY.


But I am so habituated to my first-world, that I see only what I don't have and what I am missing.  I find myself constantly shifting my perspective to remember what I do have to see things in a new light, in a more accurate light....

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