Love thy neighbor

God is pretty clear that He wants us to love our neighbor, see Mark 12:31, Matthew 22:39, Luke 10:27, Galatians 5:14, and James 2:8.  So, we should be doing this, right? Like all the time.


We like to complicate things a bit by asking, who exactly is our neighbor? How exactly can I love them?  A pretty clear answer to the second question is the person living next to us, across the street from us, and in our neighborhood. They are our "neighbors".  That  leaves us with figuring out the second the second part - HOW can I love my neighbor?


The answer to that can range greatly,  but if you are  paying even the littlest bit of attention - you probably know that Charlie across the street is lonely, Susie is overwhelmed, Mark clearly hates mowing his lawn and picking up his dog poop, while Lynn loves to garden. Those would be easy and obvious places to start engaging our neighbors in relationships but since easy and obvious isn't always the most easy and obvious (or is it??) way to go - We are in luck because:




What is exactly Neighoborday? It is a day created/sponsored by with the simple goal of strengthening our relationships with the people around us! They have a great link, Neighborday tool kit, with free printables and fun ideas to help you connect with your neighbors. Some are as simple as introducing yourself, starting a phone tree, giving a thank you note, or (my personal favorite) having a PARTY!! fillintheblankNeighborday The best part about neighbor day is knowing that you won't be doing it alone. Even if you feel awkward getting your neighbor's phone number, inviting them to a BBQ, a neighborhood clean up, or just having a conversation with them, somewhere out there someone else is feeling the same way.  So let's get out there and love our neighbors! NeighbordayPrintables If you already have plans on Saturday, and they don't involve loving your neighbor, don't worry, you can also celebrate GOOD neighbor day on September, 24th. I know, everyday seems to be a "day" these days - I bet you didn't know that Thursday is Pig in a Blanket day and the 30th is harirstyle appreciation day - please do not forget to celebrate these important days either :)

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