March Musings - Walk by Faith

Happy Tuesday! To start the week off on the right foot my friend Rebekah is sharing some thoughts on faith ~ ENJOY!

Walking by faith even when we cannot see

We are only three months into 2014, yet somehow God has already taken me through more than a few unexpected turns. Divorce has introduced itself to my family. Close friends have found new, faraway places to call home. All the while, the circumstances of these happenings have blinded me from the big picture.

My human nature is to frantically leap for the next step as it comes into view. Consequently, the hasty decisions that come from my limited vision deprive me of experiencing the full joy that the Lord has intended for my life. Instead of seeing God’s glory in my grief, my eyes have focused in on the temporary discomfort of the world’s trials.

Walking by sight is all we know to do. Yet God calls us instead to walk by faith, whether we can see or not. The creator of the universe goes before us to light our path, give us wisdom and bring fruition to our lives.

Before we get caught up in the unexpected (and sometimes unwanted) changes life brings, we have to choose faith over fear. Even when our plans fail, the Lord is sovereign and faithful to fulfill his promises.

Will you join me in striving towards new sight?

 This week, I will try to reopen the eyes of my heart to see the real purpose in my life…

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