Fall is coming. School is starting. Life is changing.

I'm always refreshed by a change in season when it refers to the temperament of the weather. Unfortunately, I don't always see change as refreshing when it applies to the season of my life.

Embracing new seasons of life is sometimes an unnatural response, but it becomes easier when we discover their purpose.

maps    The Lord gives us new seasons for the purpose of growing us into better disciples.

How would we learn trust if we didn't have a few unwanted seasons full of who, what, where, when and why?

How would we learn to ask if we never had anything to ask for?

There are seasons for challenge and trial, but there are also seasons for restoration and renewal.

We need both to see the true character of God.

In the challenging seasons, ask for strength and wisdom.

In the seasons of rest, praise Him for his love and faithfulness.

Change can be harsh, but it can also be beautiful.

YAY for a change of season!


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