Friday Fun Day - Things we are loving

Hello! Today is a random post to share some of the things I am loving lately…

To Read ~ A Confident Heart: How to Stop Doubting Yourself and Live in the Security of God’s Promises

I completely recommend reading this with a girlfriend or two, opening up and going deep.  It was so freeing to be vulnerable and honest and such a good reminder that we all have our "things" but we serve a God who is bigger than them.  He made us and even with our imperfections He wants to use us in His perfect plan. After reading this I had renewed want to run confidently after my dreams!

For Health ~ A Weekend Cleanse

Today is my last day of this three day cleanse. I didn't do this over the weekend because in my mind, weekends are not for cleansing! Lately, I have felt slow and sluggish.  I had fallen into the habit of snaking all the time and eating mostly carbohydrates.  With long summer days ahead and the desire to keep up with my kids and life in this busy season, I needed a jump-start on health. CrossJuiceCleanse_720 It was honestly so easy and delicious. I totally recommend it! I did however, make several adaptations to the cleanse; I altered the recipes to fit my budget, I only made three juices a day and made them all in advance so I would always have something ready to drink, I kept drinking caffeine and I plan to celebrate the end of the cleanse tonight with dinner and wine :/

To Experience - Rwanda

Noonday Collection is offering an experience of a lifetime, they have partnered with the International Justice Committee and a group of women bloggers to travel to Rwanda to tell the story about using our purchasing power for good.  Sounds right up Bought Beautifully's alley, right? The best part is that you could be the one going! They have left one spot for a lucky someone to travel with them.

What an amazing opportunity; experiencing Rwanda, meeting Noonday Artisans, working with the International Justice Mission  (an amazing organization!!), and traveling with these 8 amazing women.  Could you be the

To Listen to - Ray LaMontagne - Ojai

My husband is the music man in the house, if it weren't for him I would still be listening to Ace of Base...oh wait, I am still listening to Ace of Base.  When my husband is at the helm of the stereo our music jumps up a few notches (and generations), this is a current favorite.

 What are you loving these days? Please share your great finds with me in the comment section!

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