What She Wore Wednesday :)

What She Wore Wednesday :)

It's Wednesday again and time to share some Bought.Beautifully style!! We have a special guest feature this week, another outfit from my little sister Britt! Isn't she lovely? I know I am biased but look at her. Just LOVELY!

 31Bits necklace with a positive impact

So what did she wear this Wednesday? Well let me tell you.

The items that we would like to feature today are her accessories because they all have some kind of positive impact. So to start, she is wearing very fun oxfords that she found at the local Goodwill store in Arizona. Nice find, Britt!  Shopping at the Goodwill is a great way to find one of a kind items while supporting the awesome work that the Goodwill does.  According to their website -

Every 33 seconds of every business day, someone gets a good job, with help from Goodwill.

I wonder how often people find sweet shoes like Britt's???

 In addition to her shoes, her adorable purse was a great find at a GARAGE SALE!!! We love thrift store and garage sale shopping for lots of reasons.  First because it is such an easy way to lessen our environmental impact.

thrift stores/garage sales = less waste

Instead of items being thrown away, going to the dump and filling our land fills they are going in our closets to be used and loved again! So our thrift sale finds mean less waste for the world and more treasures for our closets. :)

thrift stores/garage sales = lower environmental impact

And yet another reason we love garage sales, is that when we buy items that already exist we are lessening our environmental impact by not using new materials and more energy to create a new product!  Being good stewards of creation is one way we honor God, and the world that he has giving us to live in.  I love that something as fun and simple as Garage sale and thrift store shopping can be a way we honor God!

Another way we can honor God is by using our money to support beautiful causes and organizations. That is exactly what Britt did when she purchased her necklace from 31Bits. 31Bits is a business that uses "fashion and design to empower women to rise above poverty."  They have an innovative program where they not only employ women but also offer several education programs. Read more about 31Bits and how they powerfully impact women here and then go shopping and support a working woman in Uganda here.

31Bits necklace with positive impact

 Britt, thanks for sharing your sweet style and awesome finds with us!! ♥♥ If you like Britt's style you can check another one of her outfits that give back here.

Well that is it for today, just a quick post  as I just got back from a wonderful weekend in California and am still catching up on life but check back in tomorrow for the

 Garage Sale Challenge!!!

It is going to be awesome! If you like going thrift store and garage sale shopping we are going to take it to a new level.  If you have never tried before now is the perfect time to start!  See you tomorrow. Have a wonderful day.

Don't forget to check out all the What I Wore Wednesdays over at ThePleatedPoppy. Thanks for doing this Lindsey, what a fun idea.


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