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Emily Betzler (Founder and Executive Director)  

 A life lived beautifully - honoring Calli Aust

Calli Aust

I believe so deeply in the mission of Bought Beautifully—to live out God’s call to love in all areas of our lives, including in our purchases. Some of my highest values are truth and justice and I believe that B.B. is living those aspects out in an amazing way and I’m honored to be a part of that. When I think about mine and others’ purchases supporting our brothers and sisters in Christ around the globe. I honestly can’t help but tear up. What an amazing thing we get to be a part of in coming alongside those who are also made in His likeness and showing we care about the injustice of their lives and situations -exclaiming to our partners and their people we love and support them in their vision and call to live out His love in their own lives as well. I am passionate about justice and B.B. is stepping up in a big way.






Libby Standish - Shop Associate + Director of Details

Alison Wigglesworth BB Board of Directors

When an organization’s stated mission is to enrich lives, restore hope, empower people and shine God’s love, it’s difficult to say no to jumping on board. Though my passion for Bought Beautifully has been sincere from the beginning, I have since developed a deep desire to see other people’s lives transformed by continuously making choices that reflect Christ and honor His people. My experiences with BB have changed my mindset and opened the door to a quiet yet persistent tugging on my heart, one which reminds me that the hands who created the things I own are absolutely worthy of love and respect. We truly are a marketplace that transforms lives, but I often find it’s my own heart transforming as we develop new and deeper relationships with our artisans. Being a part of Bought Beautifully provides a consistent reminder that there are opportunities to live out love daily and that our actions reach far beyond our own lives. 







Beck Bridger - Manager of Retail Operations 

Bringing the retail magic. Cody was raised as a missionary kid, which has had a major impact on so many of his life decisions.  Upon graduating from a small high school in Dayton, Wyoming, he pursued his passion for music at Sheridan College.  He changed his major when he transitioned to the University of Wyoming and graduated with a BA in International Studies with a focus on cultural systems.  Cody then briefly worked for an international mission group that focused on distributing Bibles and humanitarian supplies to some of the world’s most challenging places.  Traveling with this group expanded his desire to pursue missions. 

Cody is currently on staff as a pastor at Cornerstone Church in Sheridan, Wyoming.  He has a range of responsibilities; the most visible part is sharing the message approximately once a month. While pastoring was not his ambition, he strives to simply follow God as He leads. 

Additionally, Cody serves on the board for two mission groups and as an advisor to another mission group.  He also serves as the secretary/treasurer for a local pastors group that unites pastors across Sheridan County.  While this sounds like a lot, he still manages to pursue his passions of photography, woodworking, and coffee.

Anna Foote - Scott Foundation Intern + Multitasker + Manager of all the things


I was given the opportunity to volunteer for Give With Impact in 2017 and was struck, not only by the mission of Bought Beautifully and the impact it was having for our partners around the world, but the energy and dedication of Emily and Colin to the mission. I felt like I was being called to volunteer to this cause and it was a chance for me to give back in a way that I had never had the chance to do before. Being a part of Bought Beautifully has made me pause and think about where my money goes and how it’s so important to give back to those that have been affected by so many difficult times in their lives. Now more than ever, these partners need our support, our prayers and our love. I am honored to be a small part of giving back to them.









Renzy Reno - Systems Director
Renzy Reno BB Board MemberHOPE!!!  What an amazing asset!  We all need it, some of us have it and some of us have lost it.  What a gift it is to help provide hope for the those running low on it. That is Bought Beautifully, a hope provider!  When I saw the passion poured into bought beautifully And it’s partners by the founders and board to rejuvenate hope in peoples lives, I was sold!  Greetings friends, I’m  Renzy Reno.  I have two boys, Boone and Ace and a fantastic wife Khale Century.  We live in foothills of the majestic Big Horn mountains of Sheridan Wyoming. 

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