We are a Ministry

Bought Beautifully (BB) was founded on our belief that God calls each one of us to unique and creative service for His glory.  We are deliberately organized as a charitable corporation because we see this as our ministry and we want to encourage business traits that haven’t always gone hand-in-hand with capitalistic profitability: we care about and prioritize the physical and spiritual well-being of employees as well as the sustainable development of the communities where they live.  We incorporated as a 501(c)3 so that we could pursue our mission first and have the freedom to put kingdom impacts before financial profits.

We are Strategic

Without the ability to sustain our own limited expenses, we would be powerless to help our partners maximize their community impacts.  Like any well-run business, we:

  • Require revenues to exceed expenses and will not operate with indebtedness.
  • Pay our invoices when they are due.
  • Pay appropriate taxes and maintain proper sales tax records in all applicable jurisdictions.
  • Identify and act on opportunities to improve our business model and strengthen our long-term sustainability.

We are Accountable

We are committed in our financial accountability to God, to our BB partners, our annual donors, and anyone else who may be interested in our mission.

Every year we release a report that shares some of the beneficial impacts our partners have had in their respective area of ministry as a result of their annual BB marketplace revenues. In addition to accurately quantifying these impacts, we also open up our books to be completely transparent with the costs associated with building and maintaining our marketplace.

Bought Beautifully grew out of our desire to apply our faith to shift how followers of Christ perceive the world’s consumptive trends.  With each passing year, we have been thankful for God’s provision and the relationships we have made with partners, volunteers, mentors, and donors.  

If you’re interested, please feel free to view the full details of our IRS Form 990’s here:

Bought Beautifully 2014_990

Bought Beautifully 2015_990

Bought Beautifully 2016_990

Bought Beautifully 2017_990

Bought Beautifully 2018_990

We are Responsible

We have a deep allegiance to our partners and customers. We respect our customers and their privacy and we do not sell or rent our mailing lists to other groups.

We are governed by a diverse and skilled Board of Directors, the majority of whom are not staff members or their relatives.  Our Board meets monthly to establish policies, approve budgets, and review operational progress towards our mission.

Customer Satisfaction

We confident in our products and our mission - guarantee you will too!

Fast Shipping

All orders will ship within 5 business days.

Free Returns

If by some crazy chance your item isn't perfect - returns are on us!

Serious Impact

We're a 501(c)3 - so that we can invest all of our profits back into our partners!