Everyone's an Influencer!

Influence (ĭn'flo͞oəns): the capacity or power of persons or things to be a compelling force on produce effects on the actions, behaviors, or opinions of others. 

Everyone has influence - we invite you to powerfully use yours.

We rely on passionate people like yourself who share our vision -  that intentional shopping enriches lives, restores hope, empowers people, and shares God's love in vulnerable communities.  

Have no fear - it's easy.

It can be as easy as sharing a recent blog post, liking last week’s facebook video, forwarding an email to your friends, shopping, or simply engaging someone in a conversation about God's call to love in all situations...shopping included.

In today's day and age your voice can amplify and advocate for others - we would be honored if you would use it on behalf of bettering the lives of our artisan partners - thank you!