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ALT title: How buying beautifully works.

ALT title: How to buy beautifully.

ALT title: Why bought beautifully?

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It's funny.  We interact with a lot of amazing people through Bought Beautifully.

With customers, it's always easy to tell if someone "gets it".


About Our Partners

How do you find your artisan partners?

Where do your artisan partners live?

How are your artisan partners paid?

How do you document fair wages being paid?

How do you document safe working conditions?

How do you document artisans sharing God's love in their community?

How can I become an artisan partner?


About Our Products

Who designs your products?

How does  your product quality compare with other brands?

I found something like it and cheaper - why should I pay a little more for your product?

What is your personally favorite product?

What product has the coolest story?

How do your products actually enrich lives, restore hope and empower people?

What if the product arrives broken?

What if the product doesn't fit right?

How can I return or exchange a product?


About Bought Beautifully

How did Bought Beautifully start?

Why do you call Bought Beautifully a ministry?

Who actually works for Bought Beautifully?

Who is on your Board of Directors and what do they do?

Does Bought Beautifully have an ambassadors or similar program?

How is Bought Beautifully funded?

How can I support Bought Beautifully (beyond making purchases)

How does your internship program work?

Do you have a physical storefront?

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