Whenever we're chatting with people new to Bought Beautifully, we usually share our quick tagline with them, that BB is:

"A marketplace that transforms lives"...

What happens next? Well, usually questions...sometimes lots of them :)

These Q&A interactions are one of our favorite parts about BB's ministry and work...it's so fun to engage with people interested in better understanding how we operate, why we're here, and how they can be a personal force for good by shopping with us. 

How did Bought Beautifully start?

BB started after several years of us trying to find gifts to give that also had powerful impact on the makers of the gifts.  During that time we stumbled upon a lot of inspiring organizations making beautiful products with proceeds re-investing into various community give-backs.  The idea was born out of this experience - a way to connect people to meaningful impactful products and the stories behind them.

Why do you call Bought Beautifully a ministry?

Bought Beautifully is the way we feel called to live out our faith - and one of our main goals is to support other people, organizations, and ministries who are doing the same - living out the call to love!

Our focus is not to do business how the world does but to do business how we think Jesus would do business - valuing people over profits and seeing and working hard to respect the value in every single human being.

We are organized as a 501(c)3 charitable corporation with a Board of Directors overseeing the entirely of our operations.


Who is on your Board of Directors and what do they do?

Meet our current Board of Directors and learn what they do here. 


How is Bought Beautifully funded?

Bought Beautifully is funded through product sales and donations. 

Our vision to pour as much financial support back into our partners and programs that strengthen their work.  For that reason, Bought Beautifully fundraises a FTE salary and re-invests all of our sales back into supporting our partners through additional product purchases and marketing efforts to grow the customer base into the future. 

How can I support Bought Beautifully (beyond making purchases)

 There are multiple ways you can support BB beyond purchases:

1.) Pray for us and our partners

2.) Donate to our work here

3.)  Use your influence...learn more here!

Do you have a physical storefront?

We are very excited to announce that we our first very own store front which can be found at 117 North Main Street, Sheridan, WY 82801  

Other questions?

Have a different question? It's likely that we have that answer too!  Please, take a few seconds to ask us your question and we will be in touch with you to address it. And who knows, it might be the impetus for an upcoming blog post.


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